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Modular Touch Free dispenser

Touch free soap dispensing brings better hygiene to any environment and helps monitor the use by controlling the amount of soap. No electrical fitting is required, as each dispenser is economically operated by C size batteries. It also features an auto-switch function between two battery compartments for longer running times. To ensure optimum cost savings, the device has a ‘sleep mode’ and a capacitive sensor that prevents accidental soap delivery.


• Touch free mechanism to ensure the highest
hand hygiene
• Interchangeable pumps
• Dispenses up to 1 ml of liquid and 0.5 ml of foam
• Dispenses liquid and foam soap

Specifiche tecniche

Dimensioni (mm)
A x L x P
Capacità Pompa liquido 1 ml Pompa schiuma 15 ml Batterie
265 x 169 x 102 Flacone a perdere 1,2L No 4 x C standard
800 ml pouch 1 ml 0.5 ml

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