New software for BrightLogic laundry range – Brightwell

New version of BrightLogic 2 Software has been released.

We recommend downloading the recent version of BrightLogic 2 software. We have fixed minor bugs and added new features.

  • Optimised Screen: You can now optimise for smaller screen types and use scroll bars where needed.
  • Hot/cold Mode: With additional HOT and COLD Operating Mode, we can replicate the behaviour of BrightLogic 1, allowing the dispenser to connect to a hot-cold solenoid on the laundry machine. Choose from 9 Programmable inputs with inputs 2 & 3 used for hot and cold main wash.
  • Library enhancement: We increased the number of chemicals that can be saved in the library, along with the option to name the pumps.

Common Questions:

What BrightLogic laundry computer software version supports the new Bluetooth communication capability?
BrightLogic laundry computer software version 2.0 or greater.

What Operating System supports the new BrightLogic laundry computer software?
Windows 7 and upwards. The laundry computer software is not compatible with MAC (iOS) operating systems.

How do I know what version of BrightLogic laundry computer software I have?
Click on the Help/About button on the task bar of the BrightLogic laundry computer software and your version will be displayed top left of the window. 

Why am I unable to install the new BrightLogic version 2.0 or greater laundry computer software?
Ensure that you have full administrator rights on you PC/laptop. If you don’t have administrator rights, please
contact your IT department.

Do I need to uninstall previous versions of BrightLogic laundry computer software before installing the new version?
It is not always necessary, but it is advisable.

Do I need to backup my saved BrightLogic laundry setup files?
It is not always necessary, but it is advisable. Set up files created with BrightLogic 1 software can NOT be opened with BrightLogic 2 software. If the BrightLogic 1 software uploads the files to a BrightLogic 1 or 2 pump, BrightLogic 2 software can read in the information and save to a BrightLogic 2 format.

Why won’t my BrightLogic Bluetooth dongle connect to the BrightLogic laundry dosing system?
Refer to the manual for Bluetooth connect instructions

  1. Check Bluetooth is enabled on the PC being used.
  2. Remove BrightLogic 1 Bluetooth dongle if connected.
  3. Check your machine is Bluetooth ready. If the machine is not Bluetooth ready, a generic Bluetooth dongle will need to be used.

Will still be able to communicate with non-Bluetooth BrightLogic laundry dosing systems?
BrightLogic 2 software cannot connect with non-Bluetooth BrightLogic dosing systems.

What BrightLogic laundry dosing system firmware supports the new Bluetooth communication capability?
BrightLogic laundry dosing system firmware version 1.72 or greater

How do I know if a BrightLogic laundry dosing system is Bluetooth compatible?
All Bluetooth compatible laundry dosing systems will have a Bluetooth symbol above the centre of the LCD display.

If I require further assistance regarding the new BrightLogic 2 computer software?
Please contact the Brightwell technical support line 01273 513 566.